Keep Wheelin’.


April 27, 2017

RE: Tacoma World Thread:

First off, I would like to thank the original poster for creating this thread and voicing his opinion. I understand that time is important and it can be easier to overlook an issue than find a way to address it. Many members have read and commented in response to this thread and I really hope my message finds all of you.

VTX Offroad Wheels launched less than six months ago in 2016 and I am extremely proud of all the VTX Staff, Brand Ambassadors, and individuals who have helped promote our core values. We are an extremely efficient small business run by six individuals and we rely on each other greatly to get our responsibilities completed every day.

Many have stated that there are similarities between our upcoming designs and those currently offered by SCS. It’s a fact that if you search hard enough, you will find similarities in wheel designs across all wheel companies and not just from VTX and SCS. It’s always easier to see the similarities than the differences. Our most recent designs are inspired from a split Six Spoke Mesh and a Ten Spoke utilizing a simulated bead lock for added protection. Each and every one of you own a right to your opinion and I invite you to always voice it. However, I respectfully request that your speech refrain from inciting hate, violence, or any harmful act on any individual or business.

I fully respect the hustle and the motivation of all the SCS supporters whom have spoken out and I hope to one day earn your respect too. I ask you to continue to speak out because one day I’d like to meet you on the trails to talk with you about the community, goals, and life overall. For me, this is not about Team A or Team B, but it’s about the love of education, community, and gratitude while we’re all wheeling together. For those who have met me, please forward this on. For those who have not met me, email me at or DM me on IG @rich_varrstoen and I’ll do my best to reach back out and attempt to reunite this community.

Richard Park


**We wished to respond on the thread but we were soon quickly banned and were unable to respond.