ES9 | The Silver Lining.

Our good friend Jonathan Huerta is back at it again with a new setup to kick off the year! Check out his show-stopping Subaru BRZ aired out on the latest release of the VarrsToen ES9 in hyper black finish.


Running the VarrsToen ES9 in 18×9.5 +35 sizing for the BRZ, Jonathan is able to achieve an aggressive fitment at ride height while sitting flush when aired out to sit as close to the ground as possible. The hyper black finish provides a unique and multi-dimensional finish that changes shades with the varying light that hits the beautiful 5-spoke design. Looking mean and aggressive Jonathan! Looking forward to seeing more of this BRZ and how it will continue to progress.


Check out the wheel and tire fitment of Jonathan’s BRZ below:
VarrsToen ES9
18×9.5 +35 5×100 73.1 wrapped in 215/40/18 tires

Questions? Feel free to contact us at (562) 698-8215 or e-mail us at info@varrstoen.comTo inquire on getting your set custom refinished or redrilled to a specific bolt pattern, please contact us directly!

IG: Jonathan Huerta (@alcatraz_86)

Words + Photos: Kenny Nguyen (@kenny_varrstoen)